Things You Should Know About Us

Our Values

Although you'll find that our prices are very reasonable, price isn’t everything. Some tourists will only look for the lowest price, but many others are willing to pay more to make sure that the workers are treated well and the safety standards are very high. We would never, ever compromise our employees’ well-being or the safety of our clients.

Gilbert Minja is a licensed Kilimanjaro guide and licensed tour guide. He was born and raised in the town of Moshi, from the Chagga tribe who live on the slopes of mount Kilimanjaro. He and his team know Kilimanjaro better than anyone.

His licencing covers the knowledge and safe handling of tourists in all of their National Parks. He has traveled extensively through all of Tanzania’s National Parks and other places of interests. You can fully rely on your guide and his team. They have made sure they are the most experienced and knowledgeable of all the areas they will be guiding you in, throughout their homeland.

Gilbert also has had the priviledge of traveling thoughout the United States, learning about American culture. By traveling with Africa Travel Adventure, you have the advantage of knowing your guide will understand you and your needs, as well as being guided by local people who know this area better than any outside company could ever know.

Africa Travel Adventure is committed to helping our community and environment!

Plans are underway to build an orphanage center in Moshi, the home town of Gilbert Minja and most of the ATA staff. The idea is some of the profit obtained from your trips will go directly to support the project. We now have many orphans in our country left behind by AIDS victims, and we understand that it is our responsibility to take care of those who have been left behind.

We also encourage people to plant trees in their areas and help them with the supplies. On the mountain each company should be responsible and bring their own trash down, but unfortunately a lot of trash is left behind. We pay our staff extra money when they collect trash left behind by inconsiderate people and bring it down the mountain.