Equipment We Provide

(left to right) Private toilet tent, shower tent and Mountain Hard Wear tents are some of the top-of-the-line equipment we provide for your climb.


We use only top-line equipment and we maintain it to the highest standards.

  • • Mountain Hardwear Expeditions tents for sleeping
  • • Sierra design Moken 6/8 for dinning
  • • Aluminum dinning tables with comfortable fold-up chairs
  • • Propane gas lighting in the dinning tents
  • • The North Face Base Camp duffle bags
  • • Kitchen tent for meal preparation
  • • Private toilet and shower tents

This is one of the tents we have for eating meals on the mountain.


  • Pulse-oximeter
  • Oxygen - each guide carries a 623-liter Jumbo "D" oxygen cylinder, filled before every climb
  • Gamow bag
  • Portable rescue stretcher