Mt. Meru

A beautiful view of Mt. Meru from the nearby town of Arusha

At 4,565m (15,064 feet) this is Africa's fourth highest mountain and offers a unique experience of mountain trekking with wildlife. We arrange full climbs to the peak. Duration is three days and two nights. You will spend the nights in mountain huts.

The extremely dramatic landscape to the east of Mount Meru contains very diverse habitats, from grassland through montane forest to heath and alpine desert as well as both soda and fresh water lakes. Elephant, buffalo and giraffe and rarer forest animals can be observed from the well placed hides. Over 500 species of birds are recorded.

You will begin by following village trails through a unique example of mixed farming practised by the Wameru people. The mid-section of the trail changes into a mix between scrub land and thick forest. At the end of this you enter Arusha National Park where you will camp one night on the lush eastern base of the mountain. The next morning you will begin a steeper ascent following elephant trails towards the crater. The environment slowly changes into a mystical high altitude rainforest with old-mans-beard draping from branches and mist flowing through the thick web of greenery. Finally you reach the crater floor covered with grass and heather opening up a spectacular view of the volcanic ash cone and a 2,000 m (7,000 ft) sheer rock face rising to the peak of Mount Meru.